Fashionable Retail Solutions for Apparel Stores

Showcase your best fashion apparel

This is the automation solution that allows you to control your product prices, accurately monitor your inventory levels, and best showcase your fashion apparel to customers. With the electronic shelf labels from SOLUM, you can further enhance your store’s customer service and improve at what it does best.

Difficulty to
display products?

When it comes to fashion, shopping can often be an extremely personal endeavor. After all, people usually don’t just look for something that fits. They may want to look good and express themselves too.

It helps to stock a variety of apparel to cater to as many tastes and preferences as possible, but with so many products and the need to provide personalized interaction, it can be hard to keep running your apparel store

Manual and time-consuming price labeling
Inefficient means of displaying product details
Less-than-ideal pricing strategies
Outdated product management tools
There is no effective signage in the stores

If yes, automate your retail products effectively

Manage and update price labels smoothly

with ESL from SOLUM

Advance your store with

real-time analytics

digitized shelf labels

optimized customer service

Monitor stock levels

like never before

Monitor the stock levels of your most popular clothing items to avoid stockouts and better schedule deliveries of new products.

Boost your sales with

dynamc pricing

Implement a dynamic pricing strategy to offer flash sales and discounts for in-demand products and sell off other products without a loss.

Get the hold of

contactless payment

Give your customers new and safer ways to pay for their orders using contactless payment powered by NFC technology.

Store automation

is all you need.

Automate your store operations so your staff can focus more on customer service

Suit Up for Improved Operations

With digital labels from SOLUM, you can automate your operations so certain tasks do not need to be done manually. Instead, your staff can dedicate more time to serving customers.

Use Better Store Signage

Display the relevant information about your clothing, footwear, and accessories right at the shelf edge. You can display stunning and informative visuals in your store using ESLS.

Show Product Specifications

From product specifications to user guides, your electronics store can display all this information using a combination of ESLs and LED signages.

Attract More Customers

ESLs often give stores a more stylish and modern look, which can be more appealing to shoppers. When coupled with excellent customer service, you encourage more people to come back and build a loyal customer base.

Spend Less on Office Supplies

Switch to ESL and maximize the label’s customizability to significantly cuts costs on the extra resources like paper, ink, etc while being more eco-friendly also.

Take your business to the next level.

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