The Key to Digitalize Department Stores

Transform your store to Retail 4.0

When it comes to managing your products' pricing, stock levels, and shelf-life monitoring, there's now a total shop solution that can do it all for you! Take advantage of various digital labels from SOLUM so your department store can focus on giving the best quality customer service.

Struggling with

In today's competitive market, a department store needs a plan that can maximize its efficiency. Once you run your store with the help of innovative technology, you can create a strategy that automates your daily operations. It will enable you to manage your customer data, get real-time insight into sales and inventory management, and enhance client interaction.

You don't have a fast and secure checkout for your customer
Real-time stock information is not acquired
Complex stocks are not well analyzed and forecasted efficiently
The customer satisfaction level is not improving
Cannot make a unique offer for your valued customers
Communication between customers and employees is not seamless
You don't have centralized control over all your store chains

If yes, switch now to a complete and easy-to-deploy solution from SOLUM!

Optimize daily operations with ESL built for department stores

Rejuvenate your store with

smart price labels

360-degree view of

store inventory

Monitor the stock levels of your latest furniture and household wares to avoid stockouts and implement replenishments when necessary.

Times are changing

so are the prices

Implement dynamic pricing during specific times of the day and discounts for in-demand products like electrical appliances, yard goods, and household textiles.

Tech at it’s best,

serving your customers

Equip your store associates with the latest retail technology, allowing them to serve your customers more efficiently.

Payments without hassle

and without risk

Update the display details on the ESL screens regularly and quickly to ensure accurate product information at all times.

Automated Pricing

so you can focus on customers

Automate your pricing processes to give your staff more time to provide customer needs and ensure accurate product information at all times.

Digitize Your Shopping Experience

Using our ESL, your store managers and sales associates can spend less time worrying about updating prices, managing stock levels, and displaying the correct specifications – and more time serving customers.

No More Long Lines

Implement a self-checkout system for your department store, saving your employee's and customers’ time.

Improved Sales Promotions

You can display all the information about your ready-to-wear apparel and accessories by showing images and videos to capture customer attention. Store associates can also use Newton to offer flash sales and special discounts to grab people's attention, increasing foot traffic and sales.

Real-time Price Updates

All of our ESL lineups is equipped with a dynamic pricing feature that updates your prices both online and in-store simultaneously 10x faster than ordinary ESLs, providing consistency to your product prices.

Take your business to the next level.

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