Modernize your store with digital solutions

Future-proof your retail operations and modernize your store aesthetic with innovative digital solutions for the kids and kids at heart.

Having trouble in
managing inventory?

For many new parents and young families, toys are likely mainstays on their shopping list. After all, babies and young children need toys to enhance their imagination and developmental growth.

If you own a toy store, you know firsthand how much inventory you have to organize and how challenging it can be for you and your staff to stay on top of things.

Lack of space for effective store signage
Limited or expensive means of displaying product information
Slow and inefficient manual store operations
Added workload and hassle during sales and retail events

If yes, transform your operations today with ESL!

A high-tech and feature-packed

ESL solution with advance features

Streamline your work with

automate retail operations

multicolor e-paper display

better aesthetic and needs

Out of Stock Issues?

Manage store inventory smarter

Easily manage the inventory of a wide variety of toys through a central system software.

Quick update

of product information

Update product information quickly and easily in time for sales or special event discounts.

Consistent prices

in online and in-store

Ensure that your in-store prices are consistent with the prices in your online store.

Display information

in a modern way

Display product information in a sleek and modern way that will catch shoppers’ attention.

Journey to Success with SOLUM ESL

With our digital labels, your store managers and staff will be more equipped with running the store and giving their customers the right products they need.

Fast Data Update Speed

Our ESL is specially designed for ease of implementation within an industrial environment, so digitizing your operations can be done as quickly as possible

LED Indication

By configuring the LED on our ESLs, your employees can better organize their tasks based on the color shown on the light.

Automated Inventory Management

Installing ESLs digitizes your inventory management system, decreasing the staff workload while increasing overall store efficiency.

Take your business to the next level.

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