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Keep track of your valuables with ease in real-time.

SOLUM Smart Tag is a BLE-network based tracker that features a small and lightweight design - seamlessly fitting in all of your belongings. Attach it to a number of items without adding unnecessary heft or bulk. With its low-key design, you can easily use it as a key chain, a bag tag, a pendant, or even as a pet accessory.

80 m Area Coverage

Buzz to Locate Function

BLE Connection

Low-key Design


Find your lost or stolen keys and wallet in an instant.

Locate your pets quickly in case they run away or go missing.

Keep your bags and luggage in sight when traveling.

Connected Everytime Everywhere


With the SOLUM Smart Tag, lost items don’t stay lost. Thanks to Samsung’s SmartThings network, you can easily locate the tracked objects through your phone, even if you are far away.

Your SOLUM Smart Tag constantly sends Bluetooth signals to nearby Samsung Galaxy devices. These mobile devices then send the location of the tag to SmartThings network. Just open the SmartThings app on your Android and iOS smartphone to locate your items instantly!

Step 1
Download the SmartThings App on App Store or Google Play. Launch it.
Step 2
Press the button on SOLUM Smart Tag. The device will activate and make a sound.
Step 3
A pop-up window will appear on the app. Tap Add Now.
Step 4
Follow the on-screen instruction to finish setting up your SOLUM Smart Tag.

Show your personality through colorful strings and premium leather cases.

SOLUM Smart Tag comes in different colors and a wide variety of specialized attachments, making it easier for you to style and use this device in any way you want.

I was looking for a good tracker to help me track my luggages during travels and out of all the products I tried, SOLUM Smart Tag was by far my favorite. It's lightweight, accurate, and has so many features that I love.

"Without SOLUM Smart Tag, I would have lost many personal belongings by now. It’s so worth it!"

"It’s very easy to use."

With SOLUM Smart Tag, finding things is easier and smarter. Just pair it to your mobile device, attach it to any items you want to track, and you will never lose sight of your belongings again.

Keep your items secure and visible in public areas such as parks, plazas, and markets.
Find things you often misplace at home quickly.
Experience peace of mind when traveling with multiple bags and luggages.

Keeping Your Things Secured and Connected
Sleek, Precise, and Smart

Stay on top of things with the SOLUM Smart Tag.

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