The Complete Tool for Enhancing DIY Stores

Your Tool to Success

The ultimate solutioon to manage your DIY, home and garden store is finally here! Boost your efficiency with SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels solution.

Don't Have
right set of tools?

DIY stores or home and garden stores have hundreds of tools and materials which require the complete and accurate display of product information to prevent customers from buying the opposite of what they need.

Customers also often come to your DIY/home/garden store business with specific house and landscape projects to accomplish, which means your staff needs to be available for consultation on which tools and materials are highly recommended for such projects.

Is your business also struggling with such problems?

Lack of label space to display product information
Immediate availability to assist the customers
Manual replacement of paper shelf during price update

If yes, switch to ESL and get your store digitized

An all-inclusive ESL solution to

skyrocket your business

Expand your horizon by

assisting your customers

digitizing price labels

optimizing staff productivity

Excess Information?

Newton for the rescue

Display all necessary information for every DIY, home, and garden material and tool you have on your shelf from prices to product specifications and correct usage with our labels’ 7-page feature.

Days of long

queue lines are long gone

Reduce customer waiting time when they need assistance. Just alert the nearest staff with a push of a button.


Assistant for eternity!

Use Pick-by-Light systems to help florists identify and pick the correct amount and type of tools ordered by customers.

Best-in-Class Features

With the SOLUM ESL, your managers and staff can provide better customer service and ensure optimized workflow for staff

Information Sharing

Our labels can display up to 7 pages of information which can be flipped using the two interactive buttons.

Shelf Inventory Management 

An automated shelf inventory management tool that will empower them with a real-time, 360-view of your store’s shelf inventory status.

User Interaction

The two programmable buttons can be configured to alert the nearest staff in case of customer assistance. This delivers responsive customer service, resulting in improved customer experience.

LED Indication

By configuring the blinking LED to indicate different events, you can enhance your customers’ in-store experience and improve sales.

Take your business to the next level.

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