A Palette of Solutions for Modernizing Galleries

A state-of-the-art solution

With our digital labels, it will always be a picture-perfect exhibit for your gallery business.

Are you missing
innovative tools?

Many choices are available to art consumers in the ever-changing world of art.

If your gallery business doesn’t join the modern renaissance, how will you convince potential customers to buy your artwork without using innovative tools?

Identifying and labeling the different kinds of artworks you present
Simultaneously updating the price and information of artworks online and in-person
Showcasing the different characteristics of your artworks

If yes, automate your gallery with ESL!

An all-inclusive time saver ESL solution for

your gallery store

Redefine your store with

digitized artwork information

real-time asset tracking

Boost your sales with

dynamic pricing.

Automate inventorImplement dynamic pricing during a specific quarter or month, especially for in-demand artworks, to improve profits.y management, quality control, and other processes.

Tech at its best!

we got you covered.

Equip your art dealers with the latest retail display technology, allowing them to serve your interested customers more efficiently.

Pricing Automation

is all you need.

Automate your pricing processes to give your art dealers more time to provide customer needs and ensure accurate product information at all times.


assistant for eternity.

Use Pick-by-Light systems to help art dealers identify and pick the correct amount and type of artworks ordered by customers.

The ESL Crafted to Perfection

By using ESL instead of paper labels, your art dealers can spend less time worrying about updating prices and displaying the beautiful features of your artworks—and have more time serving customers.

Clear 7-Page Display

Display all the information about your artwork by showing images and videos. Your art dealers can also use ESL to display special sales and discounts to grab customers' attention.

Modern and Customizable Design

You can maximize the digital label’s customizability so your artwork will stand out. You can incorporate logos or brand motifs into the bezel of the labels, allowing you to achieve uniform aesthetics within your gallery.

Fast Update Speed

You won't have to worry about updating your prices online and in person. With our ESLs, you can simultaneously update your gallery and website pricing to avoid confusing customers.

Intuitive Aims Platform

Using Aims software to manage the labels means the staff won't have to manually update the artwork labels, giving them less work and more time for customer service.

Take your business to the next level.

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