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Enjoy a hot cup of Joe while charging your wireless devices with the SOLUM Smart Warmer. This cutting-edge technology allows users to charge their smartphones, smartwatch, and earbuds with a single charger.

The SOLUM Smart Warmer showcases a 6mm compact design for portability. It can support up to 10W of fast charging for compatible gadgets and has a USB Type-C cable for tangle-free charging. On top of all that, it also comes with an RX heating system that warms up your beverage to up to 40°C, keeping your coffee or tea hot.

All-in-one wireless charger that comes with a warming cup


Wide Compatibility

Compact Size

Fast-Charging Capability


Tangle-Free Cable

USB Type C Connector

RX Heating System

Broad compatibility to charge the products you want

Smartphone (Samsung & Apple)
Galaxy Watch
Galaxy buzz

The SOLUM Smart Warmer was designed to provide charging solutions and innovation to its users. This all-in-one charger offers portability, fast charging, high compatibility, and more.

Fast Charging Experience

Supports up to 10W of fast charging for all compatible devices. Keep your wireless gadgets powered and connected wherever you are.

Keeps Your Drinks Warm

The SOLUM Smart Warmer comes with an RX heating system-powered cup to keep your drinks warm up to 40°C! Enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea at home, in the office, or even outdoors.


Its 6mm compact design makes it thinner than your typical smartphone. Making it easy to carry and space-efficient.

RX Heating

This technology can keep any of your drinks warm by transferring the power from the wireless charging pad to the warming cup instantaneously.

  1. The charging pad is equipped with a transmitter coil, and the warming cup is embedded with a receiver coil and temperature sensor that automatically turns off the warming cycle once the heat in the cup reaches 40°C.
  2. The alternating current in the transmitter coil of the wireless charging pad generates a magnetic field which induces voltage in the receiver coil of the warming cup.
  3. The receiver coil transfers the heat to the base of the warming cup, keeping your favorite drink warm and tasty at all times.


The SOLUM Smart Warmer takes innovation to new heights with what it offers. Aside from its high compatibility and fast charging, it also comes with a wireless ceramic cup that allows users to keep their drinks warm anytime, anywhere.

It is powered by the unique RX heating system that keeps your drinks warm up to 40°C. Talk about being multi-purpose!

Technical specifications

Product name

SOLUM Wireless Charger + Versatile Charger with Cup Warmer Feature

Storage temperature

20°C ~ 50°C

Wireless charger


Charging efficiency


Product outer size

L60 x W60 x H6.0 (mm) + cable 

Input current (@9V Output)

Max. 1.67A

Storage humidity range


Operating temperature

0°C ~ 35°C

Wireless charging power

7.5W ~ 9W Fast Charging

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Stay powered while enjoying
a hot drink with the SOLUM Smart Warmer

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