Top-of-the-line Solutions for Liquor Stores

Manage a wide range of liquor with ESL Solution

This is SOLUM’s well-balanced solution that will turn your liquor store into an elegant place with better store operations! With the electronic shelf labels from SOLUM, digitizing and optimizing your workflows is as smooth as an aged whisky.

Difficulty in managing
variety of brands?

Liquor stores see steady foot traffic throughout the year. However, there are noticeably more customers that come around during specific times of the year, especially during major holidays.

On top of that, managing your inventory and stock levels is also challenging when you own a liquor store. When you have hundreds of brands and liquor types to manage on top of making sure your customers are happy, you might need to have a drink yourself.

Frequent instances of supplies running low
Outdated ways to locate products in-store
Manual processes for record-keeping
Time-consuming pricing and label management

If yes, make your store Digital & Automated

Automate your inventory management

with Digital Labels

Reinvent the way you

manage price labels

engage your customers

Better replenishment

with stock insights

Monitor the stock of different types of liquor to avoid having a low supply and implement better replenishment processes.

Shopping experience

with more information

Provide guests with a more informative shopping experience by providing more product information at the shelf’s edge.

Informed employees

for stellar customer service

Equip your employees with knowledge of the latest retail technology so they can provide stellar customer service.

Manage store

with digital ESL solution

Manage liquor store sales figures, stock levels, and more with ease through the provided ESL software.

Enjoy the Taste of Success with ESL

With our ESLs, your staff can spend less time worrying about replenishing toiletries, managing locker registration, and monitoring guests’ belongings – and more time serving customers.

Attract More Customers

The high-end look of ESLs help gives your liquor store a more luxurious feel, which will encourage more people to stay longer, increasing foot traffic.

Automate Your Processes

From displaying product information to QR codes, you can use a combination of ESLs and LED signages to help improve your liquor store operations.

Manage Your Prices Better

During a sale or other promotion, you can update your prices in minutes. Moreover, your on-store prices will align with your prices on other shopping channels.

Take your business to the next level.

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