The Smarter Way to Cleaner Air at Home

Air Quality Monitoring Made Smarter

Keep your indoor air quality clean and pristine with SOLUM Roommate. This smart air quality monitor detects pollutants within any indoor environment while also managing temperature, cleanliness, and moisture content.

SOLUM Roommate comes with a  mobile app and LED indicators tell you the overall air quality in your home and as well as the weather outside. Simply plug the Smart Guard into any outlet and let it work its magic. 

Making sure that the air you breathe is fresh and free from harmful airborne contaminants.


3-Color LED Indicator

Air Sensor

Motion Detector

Helpful Mobile Application

Thorough Air Quality Monitoring in different environments

Even if we are at home or at work, we are still exposed to dirty air. This pandemic, we were reminded even more to take adequate care of the air quality in our schools, workplaces, and at home -and all for good reason: the quality of the air we breathe has an effect on our ability to concentrate, think clearly, and unwind.

SOLUM Roommate actively detects and measures the potential pollutants within any confined area, providing you valuable information that can improve and protect you and your loved ones. From detecting gas leaks to identifying toxic gasses from food waste and other sources, SOLUM Roommate is your best friend to a healthier indoor living.

Informative mobile app that you can
monitor wherever you go.

SOLUM Roommate app communicates the findings of the sensor with you through a comprehensive dashboard, showing all the data such as Air Quality, Temperature, Humidity Level, and Discomfort Index.. Aside from indoor air quality, the app also informs you about the weather outside and what pollutants may be in the air too.

How it works?

SOLUM Roommate is a plug-in type of air quality monitor that instantly measures the air quality once connected to the app. Once plugged-in, the LED indicator of SOLUM Roommate will change its color depending on the quality of the indoor air - Blue for Good, Purple for Moderate, and Red for Poor.

When SOLUM Roommate detects that the air quality is extremely toxic for the occupants, the LED indicator will blink in Red continuously until the level of air quality goes back to normal. SOLUM Roommate even has a built-in motion detector which automatically triggers the LED light of the device to turn on and off whenever someone passes by, perfect for keeping the hallways or your bedside area illuminated when needed.

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