The Right Combo to Level Up Game and DVD Stores

Embrace the digital world with ESL solution

SOLUM ESL empowers you to efficiently control your pricing, accurately assess your inventory, and showcase your wide selection of video games and DVDs! Our complete ESL line-up guarantees that your digital goods will stand out and get the interest of movie buffs and gamers!

Can't keep up with
your buyers?

Video games and movies in DVD format are still a huge hit in today’s digital world. Whether it’s for oneself or, as a gift to their loved ones, or just to add to their collection.

From 2021 to 2025, the gaming market is expected to grow at a 5.17 percent yearly rate. How will you convince buyers to buy your game and DVD store if your business doesn't use modern tools?

Efforts are wasted due to manual inventory tracking and label replacements
Slow distribution due to slow information dissemination
High labor costs brought by slow manual picking
Product damage due to manual picking errors
Time is wasted finding the location of products

If yes, switch to digital world with our ESL!

A smart way to

display info in real time

display info in real time

Boost your sales with

dynamic pricing.

Implement dynamic pricing during a specific quarter or month, especially for in-demand games and DVDs, to improve profits.

Latest tech ?

we got you covered.

Equip your store with the latest retail display technology, allowing them to serve your interested customers more efficiently.

Pricing automation

is all you need.

Automate your pricing processes to give your toy store more time to provide customer needs and ensure accurate product information at all times.


assistant for eternity.

Use Pick-by-Light systems to help staff identify and pick the correct amount and type of products ordered by customers.

Flip it and change it

Interested buyers can use the interactive button to flip the ESL page to see more information about the products on your store's website by scanning a QR code.

ESL Built For Your Business

With our ESLs, your staff can spend less time worrying about changing pricing and exhibiting the fun and exciting features of your games with digital labels and more time helping patrons.

Clear 7-Page Display

Use our ESLs to provide all the information about the titles you sell, or announce unique promotions and discounts to attract customer’s attention.

Modern and Customizable Design

The bezels of our ESLs can be fully customized to make your items stand out.

Fast Update Speed

You won't have to bother updating your online and in-store prices. With Newton's 10x faster update speed, you can alter your physical store and online pricing simultaneously, reducing customer confusion.

Intuitive Aims Platform

Employees will no longer have to manually update the game and DVD labels using Aims software, giving them less labor and more time to provide customer service.

Take your business to the next level.

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