Time to revamp your store

Revamp your cosmetic store signage and improve your cosmetic store operations with electronic shelf labels.

Difficulties in
selling cosmetics?

Whether it’s makeup or skincare products, selling cosmetics has its own challenges. For one, everyone has different needs and preferences.
Some people use certain products for health or ethical reasons, which often means that there is one-size-fits-all product. It can be difficult to keep up with customer demand while making sure you provide a good shopping experience as well.

Limitations with store signage when it comes to displaying product information
Difficulty managing the stock levels and inventory of hundreds of products
Loss of revenue and profit due to ineffective pricing strategies

If yes, equip your shelves today with digital labels!

Beautified cosmetic shopping experience with ESL solution from SOLUM

Modernize with

10 years of battery life

Update all the info

in a moment

Quickly update product information with less hassle in time for sales or special event discounts.

Know it all about

store inventory

Easily manage the inventory of all makeup, skincare products, bath essentials, and more.

Beautiful stores

with smart labels

Provide beautiful and informative store visuals in an appealing, sleek, and modern way.

Less time with chores

more with customers

Reduce the time your staff spent on difficult tasks and give them more time to spend on providing good customer service.

Glam Up Your Store’s Aesthetics

With the electronic shelf labels, your staff members will be better equipped with running the store and helping customers find the products that they need.

Expanded Display Capability

Replace your old, static shelf labels to show more product information right at the shelf’s edge. Newton labels can display up to 7 pages that can accommodate all the product information.

Automated Inventory Management

Since ESLs are connected to a server, they can be used to keep track of inventory inside the store. The electronic shelf labels help create a digital map for your products and also helps you track new shipments via geolocation.

LED Indicators

Leverage the different colors of the LED indicators to improve store management operations and boost sales. You can configure the lights to provide alerts that employees can recognize so they can take action.

Take your business to the next level.

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