Way to level up city store

A way to level up your city store to the standards of city living is here! With a modernized way of operating your city store or express store, you can catch up with the fast-paced lifestyle of an urban community.

Manually Processing 
variety of brands?

City stores or express stores are usually located in populated areas where store managers and staff need to deal with large volumes of goods and customers every day. A large number of goods means several shelves of products that change prices regularly, and a large number of customers means several buyers needing aisle assistance and long lines in the cashier queues.

Moreover, manually-driven processes such as the updating and installation of labels for products, racks, and bins are susceptible to human error, resulting in inventory inaccuracies that can compromise your relationships with partners and customers.

Employees waste time and effort updating shelf labels
Cashier queues are too long
Inefficient inventory management methods
Many goods go to waste because they expired

If yes, automate your operations with SOLUM!

Manage Inventory and Shelf life Better

with Digital Labels

A new way to

enable dynamic pricing

efficent store operations

Better Facility

Reduced overhead cost

With Newton’s enhanced e-paper display technology, you no longer have to replace labels across your facility continuously, resulting in less waste and reduced overhead cost.

Less risk

Better customer satisfaction

Lessen the risk of selling expired items that can negatively affect your customer’s perception of your business.

Manage labels

In a single dashboard

Store managers can manage the product inventory and shelf labels from one dashboard.

Achieve Efficiency Through Digitization

Shift to ESL and empower your managers and staff with a solution aimed to provide better customer service and efficient store workflow.

Shelf Inventory Management

Serving as the backbone of Newton, the Aims software can be easily integrated into third-party inventory management systems

Shelf Life Management & LED Indication

A blinking red LED provides a distinct visual alert for expired products, reducing a store’s risk for mistakenly selling expired items.

Fast Data Update Speed

Newton guarantees a data update speed faster than any wireless ESL in the market. Prices and product information can be digitally uploaded.

Take your business to the next level.

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