The Paperless Method that will Transform Book Stores

Streamline your daily operations easily

Even as the world is changing and going toward one that is centered on digital methods, nothing beats a paperback book. Even if your book store already sells e-books and audiobooks, many people and institutions still prefer to buy physical copies of books.

Difficulty in
organizing your store?

As a business owner, it is important to innovate and modernize your processes so you stand out from your competitors. Automation is not only more marketable, but it can also improve your book store's operations.

Organizing and picking all your books manually can be very time-consuming, especially if there are hundreds to go through.

Manual processes can also cost more in the long run due to utilities, resources, and other costs. Are you currently dealing with the following problems at your bookstore:

Updating paper labels is inefficient and takes time
Inaccuracies in inventory reports can cause problems
Customer service workload piled on top of store duties
Shipments of different books are frequently lost or damaged

If yes, automate your store operations efficiently

A tailored solution to accurately monitor

your bookstore operations easily

Automate your bookstore by

digitizing price tags and signage

reducing manual labor

managing store workflow

A digital map

to locate all items

Locate all onhand items through a digital map powered by Aims. Even inside a large book store, staff can see the locations of all items on their list so purchases and orders can be completed quickly compared to before.

More productive staff

Minimized human error

Reduced human error because of accurate, digitized reporting and management of inventory, big data analysis, and a host of other applications.

Quickly Update

product information

Update product prices and details faster and do it through one central server, eliminating the tedious process of manually replacing outdated paper shelf labels and store signage.

New Chapter for Your Business

By using our ESL, your business is better equipped to handle stocking a much wider product range, fulfill orders more efficiently, and much more.

Location-Based Services

Our ESLs keep a steady connection with the central server and send transmissions from specific locations which are then recorded as data. 

Quick, Intuitive Software

Serving as the backing application behind Newton’s speed, Aims can be easily integrated into third-party or even nonexistent inventory management systems.  

Accurate Data Gathering and Reporting 

The Aims software  provides real-time data of your inventiory, allowing you to create reports in various formats in an instant. 

Fast Data Update Speed

Our ESLs guarantees an update speed faster than any wireless ESL in the market. Price update can be done across hundreds of labels in mere seconds.

Take your business to the next level.

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