A Heavy-Duty Gear for Factory Facilities

Make your factory more efficient

Staying on top of your factory operations can be faster and more efficient with the ESL from SOLUM.

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Are you lacking the
right tools ?

Managing a factory is nothing like running a small retail establishment.

The site and heavy machinery also pose various challenges and safety risks. Without the right tools and programs, these processes can cause problems that can affect your factory’s revenue, productivity, and overall safety.

Overseeing numerous operations daily across a large facility.
Issues with communication across so many different levels of management.
Inspecting hundreds of finished products to ensure quality control.
Problems with effectively reducing the incidence of a workplace accident

If yes, get the right tools and digitize your store

A complete, user friedly,

and easy to deploy ESL solution for Factory.

Optimize your production with

inventory management

quality control

Monitor all activities

with a single dashboard!

From a single dashboard, monitor employee activity with greater accuracy and effectiveness.

Streamline your processes

Automate inventory management, quality control, and other processes.

Caution: Latest Tech!

we got you covered

Equip your staff with the latest in retail technology, allowing them to focus on improving their skills and working more efficiently.

Optimize your display

to be more efficient

Update the display details on the ESL screens regularly and quickly to ensure accurate product information at all times.

ESL Made for Industrial 4.0

With electronic shelf labels from SOLUM, your production manager and staff can spend less time worrying about doing manual and repetitive processes perfectly – and more time focusing on improving productivity and safety.

Quick Deployment

Our ESL is specially designed for ease of implementation within an industrial environment, so digitizing your operations can be done as quickly as possible

Interactive and Modern

SOLUM ESLs are equipped with NFC capabilities, geolocation, programmable buttons, and 7-Color LED for a superior interactive experience for your employees.

Easy and Intuitive Interface

Train your staff to use the ESLs quickly with our intuitive Aims software. Even without vast IT expertise, your employees can learn to use the ESLs and utilize special features from a single dashboard and on their mobile devices.

Sub-giga speed

Our industrial-specific ESL system processes and transmits data and updates at break-neck speed even in areas with low-range connectivity.

Take your business to the next level.

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