Modernize your sports store

SOLUM ESL can bridge and hasten communication between shoppers and staff, so customers enjoy a more personalized shopping experience.

Are you lacking the
right tools ?

Managing a sports store is never an easy task.

You have to be familiar with the different types of people that shop at outdoor stores such as backpackers, avid hikers, athletes, and cyclists. You also have to ensure that your day-to-day store operations are optimal. That includes training your staff to familiarize themselves with different product specifications, making sure your inventory is updated and consistent across store channels, and keeping your prices competitive by basing it on market demand.

Overseeing numerous operations daily across a large facility.
Issues with communication across so many different levels of management.
Inspecting hundreds of finished products to ensure quality control.
Problems with effectively reducing the incidence of a workplace accident

If yes, get the right tools and digitize your store

Manage your shelfs

with ESL from SOLUM

A New Approach to

maximizing workforce

customer service

An improved facility

Stellar customer service

Our labels are equipped with interactive buttons and crystal clear display designed to help your staff provide better customer service.

Better Display

relevant product information

All relevant product information from the shelf’s edge. Customers can easily learn about the brand, price, dimensions, and more just by looking at the ESL.

Latest Tech

we got you covered

The NFC-Tapping technology helps create an omnichannel shopping experience that is convenient for customers, helping boost sales and foot traffic to your store.

Discover New Era of Retail

With ESLs from SOLUM, your managers and staff can provide better customer service while reaping optimized operations and better profit for your business.

Mass Update Speed

Our ESL is specially designed for ease of implementation within an industrial environment, so digitizing your operations can be done as quickly as possible

Location-based Services

Whether staff need to find products in-store or shipments have to be tracked across continents, Newton ESLs can help create a digital map

Interactive Programmable Buttons

Newton ESLs have programmable buttons that can be configured according to retailers’ requirements. These buttons can be used to notify any nearby staff

NFC Capabilities

Shoppers can use their smartphones to learn more about a product in the store that catches their interest.

Take your business to the next level.

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