Organize and Secure your storage business

Storage rooms need to be organized and secure to be considered efficient. Many retailers rely on storage businesses to keep, monitor, and protect their physical assets for them. There is a need for dependable infrastructure that can aid owners and staff members of the storage room in doing their work well.

Having trouble
managing storage?

When it comes to storage rooms, tight right management technology can make a huge difference in the overall efficiency of your business. After all, many of your customers heavily rely on your business to take good care of their assets and resources.

So whether you need to protect important documents or monitor the conditions of perishable items, you will need effective tools to manage these tasks. Moreover, it may be time to consider using digital solutions for your Storage Room operations to ensure that you provide the best service possible to your customers.

Properly labeling each customer’s storage space
Manual process for monitoring the status of items in storage
Inefficient inventory management compromises perishable assets
Updating customer information, and other details takes a lot of time

If yes, time to consider automation for your storage room.

Tailor-fit your specific requirements with

ESL solution for storage rooms

Rehaul your store with

digitized price labels

service driven features

tight right management

Make some room

for efficient storage

Implement more efficient storage room operations that combine digital methods with careful human discernment.

Train Hard

to understand better

Train your staff to understand the digital signage and interact with it so they can navigate the storage room units more efficiently.


assistant for eternity

Use Pick-by-Light systems to help staff better find and organize the storage rooms’ inventory of documents, heavy machinery, perishable items, and much more.

Electrify Your Business with ESL

With SOLUM ESL, your staff can spend less time worrying about manually updating information about your storage units, and the items in your care, and more when you automate your operations.

Clear 7-Page Display

All the information about a storage unit, what's inside, who rents it, and more can be displayed on a single screen reducing the need for lengthy explanations.

Intuitive ESL Management Software

Using the Aims software enables your staff to manage information and updates from a single server, even without extensive IT training.

Fast Update Speed

Our labels update 10x faster than other ESLs on the market. This ensures that any changes to the display can be done within a matter of seconds or minutes.

Take your business to the next level.

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