A Flexible Solution for Coworking Spaces

Make your office modern

Make your shared office modern by installing SOLUM’s digital labels in your facilities. Make office management more modern and more efficient by replacing paper labels with digital ones!

Difficulties in
Managing workspace?

The modern office should be able to provide employees with a humanized workspace, and a way to provide remote freelance workers with an efficient place to finish their jobs. Offices allow people to choose which table, seat, or cubicle they would like to use for the day so they can choose the one that best suits their current tasks.

However, there’s a challenge for office owners on monitoring who gets which workspace. Without a digitized system to automatically delegate work stations that have been reserved in advance, employees or customers might fight over rooms, seats, and cubicles.

No efficient way to keep workstation labels up to date
No efficient identify dedicated space for project teams
Inspecting hundreds of finished products to ensure quality control.
Paper labels do not give your office the modern look

If yes, make your office interactive with SOLUM!

Manage sustainable way of workstations

Innovative Approach to

manage shared office space

dedicate spaces for teams

sustainable signage

Better Facility

Reduced overhead cost

Keep all the workstation labels up to date as soon as an employee or client reserved, started using, or finished using a room or cubicle.

Accurate information

Through e-paper display

Have an accurate way of identifying dedicated workstations with our label’s clear e-paper display that can show clear details of who is currently using or will be using a room

Automatic data update

Eliminating tedious process

Update workstation label details faster and do it through one central server, eliminating the tedious process of manually replacing labels.

Improved scheduling

Reserved or available

Quickly inform all employees and clients which workstations are reserved or available at one glance by programming the labels’ LED to blink red when reserved and to blink green when available.

Smarter Office Space Management

By switching to electronic shelf labels, the workflow information sharing writing a shared office environment can be more efficient.

Information Sharing

Around 3,000 Newton tags can be updated automatically and remotely per one Gateway within just 5 minutes, making it the ideal solution

Aims Solution

The modular architecture of Aims software allows for more efficient and easier data integration with your own system and ESL.

LED Indication

The blinking LED of the labels can be configured to convey workstation status, informing employees or clients at a glance if the cubicle or meeting room is already reserved or still available.

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