The Best Way to Optimize Distribution Centers

An all-in-one ESL solution

A complete solution for managing your distribution center's order picking, inventory monitoring, and product labeling to raise the level of service at your distribution center.

Troubled with
manual process?

Streamlining operations like producing customer-specific labels may have a considerable effect.
And having an inventory management system allows you to take care of your regular customers conveniently. However, creating a new label every time you ship to a specific consumer is costly and a waste of effort.

Efforts are wasted due to manual inventory tracking and label replacements
Slow distribution due to slow information dissemination
High labor costs brought by slow manual picking
Product damage due to manual picking errors
Time is wasted finding the location of products

If yes, optimize your workflow today with ESL!

A complete ESL solution for your distribution center

Always deal with

up-to-date rack labels

correct shipment details

Enhance Workers Efficiency

With 7 colors of LED, users can access intuitive information through LED colors and blinking, improving worker efficiency and providing more information to customers.

Centralize Management

With Aims, you can all manage everything—labels, products, inventory, users, and data-in one workspace.

Reduced Human Errors

Our labels provide automated processes such as Pick-by-Light and real-time data information to lessen human intervention and ensure that the distribution of products is done correctly.

ESL Made for Industrial 4.0

With electronic shelf labels from SOLUM, your production manager and staff can spend less time worrying about doing manual and repetitive processes perfectly – and more time focusing on improving productivity.

Fast Update Speed

Our industrial-specific labels guarantee a data update speed faster than any wireless ESL in the market. Replenishment request from a shelf to the backend system is only a matter of seconds.

Enhance Worker Efficiency

The LED indication feature of our labels allows for contextual instructions and alerts through 7 colors of LEDs, leading to improved worker efficiency.

Data Gathering and Analysis Applications

Equipped with sensors that allow warehouse staff to monitor the temperature and humidity of certain sections in the facility that are critical for temperature-sensitive products or assets


Newton has a 7-color LED, allowing it to be used in various ways. A specific color may be assigned for error indication, low battery status, or to mark the last item of an order list.

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