The Kit to Rev Up Auto Supplies Stores

Digitize your Auto Supplies

Stressing over how difficult things are in your auto supplies workflows? With this solution, those days may finally be over! - Convenient replacement - Better organization of your automobile supplies

Difficulty in managing
variety of brands?

Every supplier knows that product diversity is highly important when staying competitive. After all, your customers will all have different needs so it helps to give them options when they request a new shipment from you.

If you mainly auto supplies, you are more than aware of this. However, managing all those brands and product types is far from easy. Order picking, labeling, and organizing all your inventory can be labor-intensive and taxing on you and your staff. Moreover, manual processes can also mean higher operating and overhead costs as well.

Manual processes for updating and installing new labels
Inaccuracies in inventory that cause problem
Getting burned from detailed customer service
Shipments of products getting misplaced

If yes, it’s time to modernize your Auto supplies

Automate your Product location management with Newton Auto Supplies Package

An Efficient way to

reduce manual labor

automate product management

auto supplies inventory

A Digital map

to locate all items

Gives operators the capability to locate all items on a digital map, thanks to its location-tracking technology. Even inside large distribution centers, workers can see the locations of all items on their list, which helps you fulfill orders faster.

No room for errors!

Accurate monitoring

Reduced human error because of accurate monitoring and management of inventories, big data analysis, and a host of other applications.

Only one central server

To update outdated paper shelf labels

Update product prices and details faster and do it through one central server, eliminating the tedious process of manually replacing outdated paper shelf labels.

ESL Package Features

With ESLs, your business is better equipped to handle a wider product range, fulfill orders more efficiently, and much more.

Location-Based Services

ESLs keep a steady connection with the central server and send transmissions from specific locations which are then recorded as data

Quick, Intuitive Software

ESL systems, the Aims software can be easily integrated into third-party inventory management systems

Fast Data Update Speed

Our ESLs guarantee a data update speed faster than any wireless ESL in the market.

Data Gathering and Analysis Applications

Auto supplies store managers and operations staff to monitor the temperature and humidity of certain sections in the facility.

Pick-by-Light Functions

A specific color may be assigned for error indication, low battery status, or to mark the last item of an order list.

Take your business to the next level.

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