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SOLUM Europe GmbH

A Leader in European Retail Technology

SOLUM Europe GmbH (SEG) is a team of diverse and talented individuals who care about providing innovative solutions that can make the world a better place for businesses and consumers alike.

Our commitment to understanding our customers' needs allows us to deliver high-quality electronic shelf label (ESL) products that are designed, engineered, programmed, and manufactured entirely in-house.

About Us

As the leading ESL provider in Europe, we are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our clients. Under the leadership of SOLUM Europe President Eugene Paik, our team works collaboratively to develop cutting-edge hardware and software solutions that not only benefit our clients but also improve the environment.

Our Frankfurt office is strategically located in one of Germany's most international business cities, enabling us to connect with our clients and partners easily.

The People Behind SEG

SOLUM Europe is made strong by its leaders and its employees the People Behind SEG


Eugene Paik

Stefan Völkel
Vice President of Sales

JK Shin
Head of Sales, EMEA

Hugo Hwangjoo Cho
Head of Technical Engineering, CTO

Mark Duckworth
Country Manager UK & Ireland

Olivier Sorlet
Country Manager

How to Reach SEG

SOLUM Europe GmbH

Frankfurter Str. 10-14, 65760 Eschborn

Stefan Völkel

Vice President of Sales, SOLUM Europe

+49 (0) 162 296 3186

[email protected]

SOLUM Headquarters (HQ)

Yongin, South Korea

SOLUM America Inc.

New Jersey, United States

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