The Right Equipment for Efficient Hospital Management

Esl solution for Hospitals

State-of-the-art ESL solutions for hospitals that enable you to monitor patients and newborn babies, help people find attending doctors, accurately assess hospital inventory, and more.

Lack of
modern tools?

Though the medical field is always quick to embrace
the use of new medicines and equipment, it has
always been slow to take on management technology.
However, it may be time to digitize your hospital
operations to ensure that you continue providing the
utmost care to patients without missing critical
life-saving events.

The right innovative tools can
truly make a difference in the quality of care and
service that your hospital can offer.

Properly labeling patient's beds and NICU cribs for newborns
Time-consuming practices for updating patient information, doctors’ schedules, and more
Medical supplies going bad due to inaccurate inventory management
Signage that can cause hospital guests or patients lost during visiting hours

If yes, it’s time to modernize your Hospitals

Manage and update labels smoothly

with Newton Hospitals Package

A new way to

Digitizing your signage

Accurate tracking of medical supplies

Hospital Shelf lives

Know it all about

Hospital Operations

Implement more efficient hospital operations that combine digital methods with conscious human judgment.

Accurate identifying

Newton digital signage

Equip your hospital with more interactive digital signage, allowing visitors and guests to navigate the premises more efficiently.

Pick by light

Light-guided efficiency!

Use Pick-by-Light systems to help staff better manage the hospital’s inventory of medicines, organs, blood, and more.

Payment without hassle

and without contact

Discharged patients and their families can easily pay for their hospital bills using the NFC capabilities of ESLs.

ESL Package Features

With digital labels, your nurse and hospital staff can spend less time worrying about manually updating patient information and monitoring supplies and more time taking care of patients and residents.

Clear 7-Page Display

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Modern and Customizable Design

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Fast Update Speed

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Intuitive Aims Platform

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Take your business to the next level.

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