Newton ESL DemoKit Discover real-time operations for the modern business with our latest Demo Kit.

A premium kit just for you.

Exclusive to our partners, SOLUM’s latest demo kit comes with everything needed to provide on-site demonstrations of our Newton electronic shelf label system for prospective customers. 
Designed to be portable and versatile, our demo kit provides the end user a very clear conclusion on how efficient and innovative our Newton line up is compared to the competition.

Top level

1.6”, 2.2”, 2.6”, 2.7”, 2.9”, 4.2”, 4.3”, 6.0”, 7.5”, 11.6”

Bottom level

4ea: 1.6”, 2.2”, 2.6”, 2.9” 2ea: 2.2” Freezer, 2.6” Freezer, 2.9” Freezer Gateway, USB Gateway, Plug/AC adapter, Remote Controller, Cables, Others


To give you full immersion into our ESL solution, we’ve also included in our demo kit  a 5-year license of our very own Aims software, which enables you to control all labels connected to the Newton Gateway and USB Gateway all at once. 

With our latest demo kit, you can…

  • Give your prospects a first-hand experience of how Newton improves their business operations.
  • Provide a clear understanding of cutting-edge functions of Newton and Aims software.
  • Achieve a convenient and complete ESL demonstration anywhere.
  • Amplify your sales pitch and boost your representatives during presentations.

Interested in our demo kit?

Please contact your regional sales manager directly, and we’ll be in touch.

*Please note that this offer is for current partners only. Visit Partner with Us today to learn more about the SOLUM Partnership program.

For more information on how to use our ESL solution, read the Quick ESL Installation Guide or email us at [email protected]

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