A Step Towards the Future of Footwear Stores

Step into a more digitized solution

At last, walking on low-tech retail operations can finally be over for footwear stores! Step into a more digitized business infrastructure that makes store management smoother and customer service better with SOLUM ESL for footwear stores!

Getting trampled
by other retailers?

The footwear retail industry is a big part of the economy way footwears are a big part of the human lifestyle. The United Kingdom footwear retail market is estimated to be worth around £5 billion and is expected to rise by 1.2% per annum until 2024.

North and South Americans are reported to have spent $76.9 billion on shoes alone in 2020. Clearly, the footwear market shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

While this assures that your footwear retail businesses will remain stable and profitable for at least a few more years, it also means that the competition will be tougher in the future.

Is your footwear store having the following problems?

Difficulty in managing stock due to befog product names
Lack of label space to display all product information
Difficulty in updating prices and expiration dates
Lack of efficient ways to monitor customer needs

If yes, time to update your paper shelf labels and switch to SOLUM ESL.

Digitize footwear inventory with

ESL solution for retails stores

Modernize your store by

real-time label update

omnichannel opportunities

digitize store operations

Less efforts

more digitized solution

With a more digitized and automated way of updating your shelf labels, the effort and time wasted on manually replacing price tags are eliminated.

Install ESL next to Aims

for smoother operations

ESLs can easily be integrated into the store’s existing system, or be installed alongside Aims Solution for smoother and more centralized inventory management.

Omnichannel approach

for better operations

Omnichannel is now more possible with digitized and NFC-enabled digital labels, making different business transactions and operations much more accessible.

Electrify Your Business with ESL

By implementing ESLs, your store will be operating on a different level compared to your competitors, making your business future-ready.

Information Sharing

Take advantage of 7-page display feature which you can use to show your footwears’ product information from prices to brand, available colors and many more.

Programmable Buttons

A programmable button that can be configured to notify nearby staff if a customer has questions about a product displayed on a shelf.

NFC Technology

Near-Field Communication ((NFC) technology allows your footwear store to achieve contactless and seamless transactions with NFC Tapping.

Fast Data Communication Speed

With a fast built-in communication speed in each label, around 3,000 tags can be updated automatically and remotely per one gateway within just 5 minutes.

LED Indication

Utilize the 7-color LED (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Sky Blue, White, Purple), which informs shoppers what's on sale, what's new, and what's limited time.

Take your business to the next level.

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