A Bouquet of Tools to Make Flower Shops Bloom

Spring into Full Bloom with ESL

The smell of springtime for your flower business is finally here: a fully bloomed solution that enables you to control the price, accurately assess the inventory, and showcase the beauty of your flowers. With our electronic shelf labels, it will always be a blooming season for your flower store.

Stuck with
repetitive tasks?

Everyone loves ordering beautiful flowers that can easily make just about anyone’s day. But, running a flower business can be very demanding.

The flower industry is very competitive. Many large retailers sell flowers, and lots of online orders can cut profits. Usage of innovative tools for the showcase is a must-have to thrive and make your business stand out. Is your business also struggling with the following problems?

Manual monitoring of flower stock levels
Struggling to identify & label different kinds of flower
Showcasing different flower characteristics to buyers
Hassle of updating flower price & info for online and in-store

If yes, integrate ESL into your flower shop!

A complete, creative and easy-to-deploy

electronic shelf solution

Take control of store with

central platform

top notch customer service

digitized label displays

Monitor stock levels

like never before

Keep an eye on the stock levels of flowers to avoid stock-outs and implement replenishments when necessary.


Light-guided efficiency!

Use Pick-by-Light systems to help florists identify and pick the correct amount and type of flowers ordered by customers.

Boost your sales with

dynamic pricing

Implement dynamic pricing during a specific quarter or month, especially for in-demand flowers, to improve profits.

Why not use latest

retail display tech?

Equip your florists with the latest retail display technology, allowing them to serve your customers more efficiently.

Go Easy with pricing!

Use Aims Software!

Equip your florists with the latest retail display technology, allowing them to serve your customers more efficiently.

Grow Your Business SOLUM ESL

Shift to digital labels now so your florists can spend less time worrying about updating prices, managing stock levels, and displaying the beautiful features of your flower—and have more time serving customers.

Persuade Potential Buyers

Display all the information about your flowers by showing images and videos. Your florists can also use Newton to display special sales and discounts to grab customers' attention, increasing foot traffic and sales.

Maximize Branding

You can maximize Newton's customizability so your flowers will stand out. You can incorporate Newton into the branding of your flower shop, which can separate you from other stores.

Implement Dynamic Pricing

You won't have to worry about updating your prices online and in-store. With Newton having a 10x faster speed update, you can simultaneously update your store and website pricing to avoid confusing customers.

Take your business to the next level.

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