A Spectacular Set to Upgrade Your Store of Spectacles

20/20 Vision of Your Store

Giving a more sophisticated and presentable look on your eyewear store’s shelves can increase the appeal to customers

Struggling with
eyewear inventory?

Whether it’s for optical care or fashion, selling eyewear comes with its own challenges. For one, eyewear comes in different types.

Not all eyewear frames for prescription glasses can be used for all lens grades, and it is important for shelf labels to show that information to prevent customers from buying the wrong pair of eyeglass frames.

Is your business also facing these challenges?

Lack of label space to display product information
Difficulty in managing stocks of various brands
Slow product price and details update during sales

If yes, upgrade your shelves with ESL from SOLUM!

Manage and display your products

with eyewear Package Solution

Redefine your store’s

inventory management

price updates and promotions

product presentation

Manage stock levels

like never before.

Easily manage the inventory of all sunglasses, sports goggles, and prescription glasses.

Update prices with the

speed of light.

Update product prices and information with less hassle and as fast as possible in time for sales or special event discounts.

Stay on brand!

Impress your customers.

Display all necessary product information in a more appealing, sleek, and modern way.

Avoid repetitive tasks.

Reduce the time your staff spent on updating inventory and replacing paper shelf labels, giving them more time to spend on customer service.

See the Future of Your Eyewear Store

With the Newton DIY/Home/Garden Package, your managers and staff can provide better customer service.

Information Sharing

Newton labels can display up to 7 pages of information which can be flipped using the two interactive buttons.

Shelf Inventory Management

An automated shelf inventory management tool that will empower them with a real-time, 360-view of your store’s shelf inventory status.

LED Indication

By configuring Newton’s LED to indicate different events, you can enhance your customers’ in-store experience and improve sales.

Take your business to the next level.

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