A Way to Make Convenience Stores More Convenient

Overwhelmed withcontinuous workload?
Manual and time-consuming price labeling.
Difficulty in making discount announcements.
No centralized way to manage several different products.
Overtime work due to lack of automation tools.

Even with a shifting schedule, a 24-hour convenience store means 24 hours of continuous work and stress for you and your managers.

To make matters more #c5c5c5complicated, convenience store employees need to wear multiple hats—minding the goods (and sometimes the gas pump), ringing up the customers in the cashier, heating up some food, checking the inventory, restocking the shelves, and even cleaning the store.

All of these can make the staff overwhelmed and—eventually—underperform, which is inevitably bad for your business.

If yes, consider digitizing your business operations!

Upgrade your store by

digitizing your business

efficient management


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You’re good to go!

Manage and monitor all products displayed on all your stores’ cashiers and aisle shelves, and all frozen goods in the freezer anywhere, anytime with Aims SaaS.

Hassle free launch!

Use digitized system.

Update product prices and information with less hassle during product launches, clearance sale, and holiday promos through an automated and digitized system.

Oh! Doing overtime?

Reduce working hours.

Reduce working hours and prevent your employees from having overtime burnout by making store duties faster to do with electronic shelf labels.

ESL Package Features

With ESLs from SOLUM, your store managers and employees have a better and easier way to conduct shelf inventory management, offer user interaction as customer service, and implement information sharing.

Shelf Inventory Management

Manual shelf inventory management requires staff to walk around the store and scan every low-stock item, shelf by shelf. ESLs allow initiating shelf stocking and replenishment that is many times faster than any traditional shelf inventory process.

Information Sharing

ESLs can help your stores get the right information to the right people at the right time. These labels are built to ensure an agile, flexible, and simplified information-sharing process for better business operations.

User Interaction

The electronic shelf labels we sell include a programmable button. With just one press of a button, store managers and employees can be alerted regarding essential matters.

Take you business to the next level.

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