Retail Solutions at Amazing Value for Dollar Stores

A value for money ESL solution

It’s time to modernize your dollar store! Make the switch to the Newton Dollar Store Package to help give your dollar store a much-needed digital upgrade..

Unable to manage
shelf labels?

Dollar stores are convenient places where people can find a number of items at extremely reasonable prices. With that said, dollar stores are not always associated with technology-related branding.

However, it may be time to adopt the use of high-tech devices to improve store management.

Insufficient means properly manage dollar store inventory and stock levels
Employee’s time and resources wasted on updating paper shelf labels
Customers struggling to find someone to assist them while shopping

If yes, then its time say hello to electronic shelf labels!

An innovative product

for your dollar store

A new way to

update your shelf labels

monitor your stock levels and inventory

Tedious process?

ESL will make it easier !

Change product prices and details quickly through a central server, eliminating the tedious process of manually replacing outdated paper shelf labels.

Say no to errors!

Minimize humar error

Reduced human error because of accurate monitoring and management of inventories, big data analysis, and a host of other applications.

Innovate your business

with NFC

NFC can make different business transactions and operations much more accessible, from enabling cashless payments to paperless attendance tracking.

A Solution Worth of Every Penny

With our ESLs, you can upgrade your dollar store operations with the following features:

Break-Neck Update Speeds

Our ESL is specially designed for ease of implementation within an industrial environment, so digitizing your operations can be done as quickly as possible

NFC-ready for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Our digital labels have NFC capabilities so they can enable smart in-store shopping, as well as employee ID cards or even room tags. With passive NFC, ESLs can record data from existing NFC cards and devices used by the dollar store.

Information Sharing

Whether you need to display prices, product information, or inventory status, you can rely on our ESLs high-resolution e-paper technology.

Take your business to the next level.

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