Reduce workload and organize orders easily

Manage your product prices, stay on top of all your orders, and monitor the shelf life of your pantry items with this digital solution! Free up your workloads and focus on improving what your eatery does best with the SOLUM ESL.

Lack of tools and
platform to manage?

Managing a restaurant business is not just about fulfilling orders and serving good food. It is about providing diners with a memorable experience whenever they sit down to eat.

In addition to ensuring that customers come in hungry and leave satisfied, you also need to ensure that your own business operations are running efficiently. Unfortunately, lacking the right tools and platforms to manage all this can mean bad news for your restaurant.

Have you been struggling with the following problems as of late?

Manual processes for updating daily specials on your menu
Unreliable means of monitoring pantry contents
Outdated tools for staying on top of order management

If yes, switch to ESL to get your operations efficiently

Complete, intuitive and easy to deploy

ESL Solutions for restaurants

replace your signage with

interactive display labels

tracking the shelf life accurately

better service-driven tools

Reduce food waste!

Manage shelf life

Manage and monitor the shelf life of your ingredients with better accuracy, leading to reduced food waste and improved inventory management.

Automatic menu update

to maximize profit

Automatically update your menu and specials during specific times of the day to maximize restaurant profits.

Contactless payment

via NFC technology

Give your diners new and safer ways to pay for their orders using contactless payments via NFC technology.

Omnichannel approach

for seamless operations

Leverage the Aims X server’s features to process and record all your online and dine-in orders for a seamless omnichannel operation.

Electrify Your Business with ESL

With the electronic shelf labels from SOLUM, tasks like monitoring the shelf life of your pantry products, managing orders, and updating your menu can be automated. This gives your employees more time to serve and accommodate your customers.

Fast Deployment

Our ESLs are specifically designed to be deployed in a restaurant setting and can be incorporated into your existing infrastructure.

Interactive and Modern

Our ESLs have a sleek and modern aesthetic that perfectly matches your cafes’ decor. Everybody will enjoy NFC, programmable buttons, and 7-Color LEDs.

Easy and Intuitive Interface

Our software solutions and mobile apps have an intuitive and user-friendly interface so your team can manage the ESLs and access features easily.

Take your business to the next level.

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