Building a sustainable and digital future together - SOLUM's commitment to eco-friendly business solutions.

The solutions SOLUM offers not only help businesses scale up, but also ensure long-term sustainability. It’s all about driving advancement while keeping the planet’s well-being in mind. We have listed the company’s sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting Sustainable Operations



Efficient Manufacturing

SOLUM’s facilities have shifted into a digital approach, utilizing automated systems to ensure all resources are optimized and maximized for employee safety and environmental conservation.

Refurbishment Process

SOLUM offers an online RMA portal that enables requests for repairs and battery replacement. This service is provided at no cost and promotes a paperless customer experience.


Instead of throwing defective labels away, SOLUM’s recycling partners dismantle the labels that go through recycling and repurposing to create new products.

Eco-Friendly Way of Life

Reducing Food Waste

SOLUM’s features enable inventory control, real-time updates, and shelf-life management to monitor perishables and adjust prices depending on their expiration dates, reducing food waste on a large scale.

Paperless Operations

One of the main reasons why ESLs are created is to reduce paper usage. SOLUM’s electronic shelf labels enable retailers to update displayed product information with just a few clicks, no need to purchase papers every time changes are implemented.

Reducing Energy Consumption

SOLUM’s Newton system is designed with a 10-year battery life, which means less toxic in landfills. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions that impact climate change.

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