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BlueOne CC introduced SOLUM ESL with real-time system updates to provide welcome messages and locker location notification service to its customers. Contributing to customer satisfaction and corporate image through premium services, BlueOne CC is expanding SOLUM’s ESL system to the golf courses and amusement parks nationwide.



BlueOne CC wanted to introduce a real-time automatic system to display customer information and a welcome message, along the weather information (temperature, wind speed, rain, etc.) by installing ESLs in each individual locker. Additionally, BlueOne CC requested a solution different from the LCD display which has high investment costs and high power consumption.



SOLUM offered a real-time wireless update system developed with 45 years of accumulated wireless communication technology, enabling a stable system construction with low investment and maintenance cost.

For hardware, SOLUM proposed the 3-color ESL with LED function for guests to easily locate their personalized locker. Lastly, custom-designed cases are applied to complement the clean and digitized atmosphere of the premium facility.

SOLUM’s customized system enables stable and real-time operation of the system. Sales revenues have increased, as well as its reputation in the industry with improved customer satisfaction by providing personalized welcome messages and other useful information to their guests. BlueOne CC is now expanding SOLUM ESL to other facilities nationwide.

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