In 2018, VW Group signed on for a trial program consisting of a test installation of SOLUM electronic shelf labels in several facilities, including the Dresden plant, Volkswagen HQ in Wolfsburg, and other plants in Europe and the U.S.
Their facilities were set up with a variety of ESL sizes, such as the 2.9”, 4.3” Industrial variant (for Pick-by-Light), 11.6” (for picking orders ), and other Sub-Giga variants.



The world's largest car manufacturer was looking for a way to make its manufacturing operations smarter and more efficient, as well as to improve the ambiance in their facilities.
What led them to consider Newton, SOLUM’s premium line of electronic shelf labels, were top-of-the-line features such as LED blinking for Pick-by-light systems and the Sub-Giga frequencies afforded by our product. 



Group was impressed by Newton’s update speed, system stability, and LED blinking functionality, proving Newton’s capability in providing exceptional mobility to manufacturing operations.
And rightly so, because VW Group takes pride in being a sustainable mobility provider. Included in their key motivational undertakings are being able to create an innovative working environment and increase synergies and efficiencies in all aspects of the business.

SOLUM Marketing


Volkswagen , ESL, Electronic Shelf Label, Newton
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