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SOLUM ESL introduced Smart Factory solutions to Samsung Electronics, a global company, and succeeded in realizing facility operation efficiency and eco-friendly image by reducing paper material cost, disposal cost, and saving on operator management time while improving real-time inventory management accuracy.



Samsung wanted to utilize an automated labeling system that can save about $200,000 by reducing paper material cost, disposal cost per year, and improve the work efficiency of managers. The main requirement was the need for 100% inventory data accuracy between the system and warehouse, and the ability to track this information on-site in real-time.



SOLUM provided a real-time update system to display the latest inventory information and the interactive 3-color ESLs with LED and button functions.

The ESL LED blinking function aids the managers to easily find their desired warehouse location, ultimately increasing productivity by shortening pickup periods, and the button function increases the stock accuracy by inputting and outputting data on the spot.

Samsung Electronics’ successful use of SOLUM’s Smart Factory solution in factory operational efficiency and building eco-friendly image is now being reviewed to expand the solution to their global operations.

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